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Why is a talking roof good for the ecosystem?

If you can prevent perfectly good roofing materials from going into a landfill and avoid the environmental impact of creating new roofing materials, you really can make a major difference. It is a well-established fact that the life cycle of a roof can be extended with a proper repair and maintenance program in place. We make the roof talk to us. By utilizing state of the art technology, such as Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), the data that is collected “tells us” the exact location, the condition, and the severity of any roof damage. With this information, appropriate repairs can be made immediately before any further damage can occur. Our methodology to accomplish this is what we call the Digital Roof Asset Management System (D-RAM System®). My hope is that an approach like this can be more widely embraced, so that we can extend the life cycle of a roof almost indefinitely. This kind of sustainability is not only a big win for our ecosystem; it will ultimately translate into a cost savings for the building owners.

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