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Do you really want to flood test?

Whenever we perform Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) testing, I always wonder why so many contractors are still “banging rocks together” in the form of flood testing. When all is said and done, flood testing hardly ever pinpoints the entry point of the water, one just knows that the area is leaking. Not to mention the possible structural damage, overloading the drains, and other engineering issues. I know flood testing has been used for hundreds for years, but you don’t still drive a model T do you? Why not be able to identify the point of water entry within 1/64 of an inch - a tiny pinhole - with the available technology we have today?

I would invite you to check out this short video of a project we did last year. You may want to view what the cost savings for the labor and materials would be for an ELD test with the Detec RMIS platform scanner and Vertical Scanning Unit (VSU). This testing apparatus is the only leak detection equipment on the planet that is FM Approved. In addition, the stakeholders can now have an ASTM D-8231-19 report verifying that they have performed a “Valid” leak detection test.

If you are considering flood testing please call me to review other options. It could save you a large amount of money and headaches.

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