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Permanently Embedded, Fully Automated Leak Detection and Moisture Monitoring Systems
Continuously Monitor Long After the Initial Membrane Installation

Detec’s PermaScan™ leak detection system is the most advanced electronic leak detection technology for monitoring a roofing or waterproofing assembly.  A PermaScan leak detection system ensures the customer benefits from the longest possible service life for the roof, minimizing risk and reducing maintenance costs over time.

The PermaScan™ isolates leaks remotely to a small, defined area, ensuring the least amount of disruption to the overburden should a repair be necessary. Opening shown here is approximately 12″ x 12″ x 18″ deep exposing our Moisture Detection Tape (MDT)

  • Monitors during construction

  • The PermaScan-C (for Conventional Assemblies) system detects moisture at the vapor barrier

  • The PermaScan-I (for Inverted Assemblies) system detects breaches in the waterproofing

  • Produces timely detection to minimize damage caused by hidden moisture

  • Provides cost-effective sustainability through continuous moisture monitoring

  • Monitor the membrane utilizing sensors embedded below the overburden, for accurate and reliable leak detection

  • Ensures peace of mind and the longest lifespan for the roof, building or structure

  • The best Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) system for a green roof


A PermaScan Leak Detection System may also be referred to as a leak location grid or a leak locate array.  The electronics are the DX250 and RMUIII.

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