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D-RAM System

With the D-RAM System you will know more about your roof sitting at a computer then if you had installed the roof yourself.

We have developed a digital roof asset management system that is second to none in the industry. With the installation of the D-RAM System™ the integrity of a roof assembly can be maintained indefinitely. Potential problems can be identified and repaired immediately before damage to the interior of building can occur.

The D-RAM System™ provides Bi-annual ASTM compliant reports that export into your BIM database. Your digital twin data will be constantly updated.


The D-RAM System is 100% testable and 100% monolithic.

With the D-RAM System™ it is possible to take any existing building and retrofit it with the most advanced roofing system in the industry. The D-RAM System’s™ scan and repair program will guarantee that a monolithic roof membrane is always on top of the building and it is leak free.

We utilizing Infrared Thermography, to include hand held microbolometers and Aerial Thermograms that characterize existing conditions of roofing assemblies. We generate reports for stakeholders that comply with ASTM Standard C-1153, Standard Practice for Location of Wet Insulation in Roofing Systems Using Thermal Imaging.

For a consultation and price quote call: (844) 903-7663.  Serving commercial, industrial and institutional structures.

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