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The ability to maintain a roof well beyond its expected lifecycle can keep hundreds of tons of construction waste out of landfills.


Biannual ASTM reports give the building owner the peace of mind that the roof is 100% leak free verified.


Utilizing advanced scan and repair technology keeps the roof in full compliance with all available insurance and warranties.


As-built models and accurate roof maintenance reporting can be integrated with all BIM platforms.


When compared to conventional roof options both short-term and long-term cost saving can be accomplished.


All roof materials and scanning technology are FM Approved.


SOURCE: National Roofing Contractors Association

of all flat roofs will develop serious problems within the first year of installation.

After the D-RAM System® is installed the roof is inspected with the most advanced electronic leak detection technology available in the industry.  The roof will be verified 100% leak free upon completion.


The D-RAM System® is 100% testable and 100% monolithic.

We have developed a digital roof asset management system that is second to none in the industry. With the installation of the D-RAM System® the integrity of a roof assembly can be maintained indefinitely. Potential problems can be identified and repaired immediately before damage to the interior of building can occur.

The D-RAM System® provides Bi-annual ASTM compliant reports that export into your BIM database. Your digital twin data will be constantly updated.

With the D-RAM System® it is possible to take any existing building and retrofit it with the most advanced roofing system in the industry. The D-RAM System’s® scan and repair program will guarantee that a monolithic roof membrane is always on top of the building and it is leak free.

No More Ignored or Deferred Maintenance

There is a sound reason that every single commercial roofing system manufacturer requires that a roof be regularly maintained in order for a warranty to remain in force. Warranties are not a substitute for a properly designed, installed, and maintained roof.  Most warrantees don’t cover damage to the inside of the building and only cover material and labor on the roof.


Commercial property insurance covers property damage caused by incidents like fires and storms, but not wear and tear caused by everyday use.  Missed Maintenance can lead to premature roof failures and damage that is not covered.

If the roof is neglected the building owner will be responsible for the cost of:
· Compromised Integrity of the Roof
· Structural Damage 
· Mildew and Mold Growth
· Wood Rot 
· Damaged Insulation
· Fire Hazards
· Slip Hazards
· Shut down Business operations
· Tenant Lawsuits

With the  D-RAM System® scan and repair approach water is prevented from causing major damage inside the building.


The building owner will be provided an ASTM report every six months on the condition of the roof.  This provides documented proof that the building owner complied with the warranty and insurance requirements of roof maintenance.

Keep this out of a landfill.

Roughly half of the raw materials we extract go into the world’s built environment. Construction creates an estimated third of the world's overall waste, and at least 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

SOURCE: European Commission

With a D-RAM System® you can disrupt the expected lifecycle of a conventional roof system and avoid the costly tear off and replace construction that will cram a landfill with roofing material.

Running a Roof to Failure Will Cost You $$$

The old "build a roof and forget it" approach to building management is very costly. With a D-RAM System® it becomes very affordable to maintain the roof long past it’s life expectancy.  Even better the installation of the D-RAM System® can cost less then a conventional roofing system.

10,000 Square Foot Roof Cost Projections

*Cost based on existing roof with minor damage.  All cost estimates have been rounded up.

With the lower upfront cost of a D-RAM System® significant savings can also be gained through lower interest payments.

For a consultation and price quote call: (844) 903-7663.  Serving commercial, industrial and institutional structures.

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